Sound Healing

Mike Barron


"All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas."
Hakuin 1685-1768

Forthcoming Events

Tue. March 28th 2017.
Priory School, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY3 7LE.
Gong Bath Meditation - Start 7:30pm - 9:30pm Bring a mat, pillow and blancket for your comfort.Tea and biscuits provided.
£10.00, Plenty of space at this venue.

Tuesday 31st Jan.2017 7:30pm.
Owl Barn, Steventon Ludlow, Shsopshire, England, SY8 4BN.
Gong and Voice Healing - Gong Bath with the voice of Gill Evans, harmonising with the gongs. To bring peace and stillness for healing. Bring a mat ,pillow and blancket for your comfort. Tea and biscuits provided.
£15.00, contact Mike

Saterday 7th October 2017
Pen Y Cwm Workshops., Churchstoke, Powys, Wales, SY15 6TR.
Drum Making. - This is a sacred process to give yourselves the tools for Healing , Journeying and Cleansing the body , aura , and the space of our home , garden. The day is a time to reflect on how we got here . The great things and not so good events that have made us who we are. I will have tools and a space for us to work. If the weather holds we can also work outside. The Hoops for our Drums will be made by me, out of Ash. Steamed and bent. You will sand and oil the hoop ready to receive the Raw Hide. Raw Hide will be Red Deer , Fallow Deer ,Horse . Leather for beaters Red Deer. Notes on how to complete the tasks will be provided and we will all help each other to make sure we all end up with a drum we can use for Sacred Ceremony , for ourselves and perhaps others.
£185.00 / Price  can change, depending on Drum to be made , and cost of materials., contact Mike

Sat. 22nd April 2017.
Pen Y Cwm Workshops., Pen Y Cwm, Churchstoke, Powys, Wales, SY15 6TR.
World Sing for the Trees - Earth Day-Sing for the Trees is now an annual global event in its Seventh year. The idea is simple. Sing at noon wherever you are on the planet to your favourite trees, creating a global perpetual song wave circling the earth. Since its creation in 2010, over 8,000 people in 41 countries have been involved in singing to trees they love. A group of Kindergarten children in Switzerland sang for the trees in their local forest. Children sang at a Native American Prayer tree in the woods near Atlanta, Georgia. Peace marchers sang at the Nevada Test site where the first nuclear bomb was exploded. They sang for the Joshua trees while walking through the parched land.
Food to Share - Donations, contact Mike

Mon.4th Sept.. 2017
Pen Y Cwm, Pen Y Cwm, Churchstoke, Powys, Wales, SY15 6TR.
Drum Journey Group - Drum Journey Group This is an evening of Sacred Drumming for receiving and sending healing energy. We will sound very simple beats of the drum to help us focus and gain a sense of deep relaxation and connection to our inner selves. First part of this session you can set an intention for personal healing , join in with the drumming or listen. Second part , we drum together for peace and healing, to be sent out for people and places. This is an out door event, please contact Mike for details and directions.
£8.00, contact Mike